How we clean your oven to perfection

The cleaning process starts with us expertly removing all removable parts, including shelves, racks, grill pans, back plate, fan blade and filters. These items are soaked in our heated dip tank, this removes the grease and carbon residue. The inside of the oven is thoroughly cleaned by hand, removing the residue, then the oven is buffed and polished. We will also check that any light bulbs are functioning, and replace if necessary, at a small additional cost.

Where possible we will remove the oven door, which makes it easier to thoroughly clean the door and surrounds. Please note: this is not possible with side-hung doors or where the door is a sealed unit. The oven door and frame, including the glass, side panels, edges, hinges, surrounds, control knobs, seals and glass casings, are also cleaned and polished.

The appliance is then carefully reassembled and a final polish resulting in a fresh, clean, hygienic oven which you can use immediately with no chemical smells or residue.

We only use cleaning solutions that are environment friendly. Only using biodegradable solutions, yet powerful enough to cut through the stubborn stains whilst being gentle to your oven.

This cleaning process is used and adapted for any cooking appliance, from a regular single oven to an AGA. Not forgetting your hobs and extractor fans too.